Pet Urine Sample Collection made Easy

Often owners have difficulty collecting urine samples at home from their dogs.
We encourage all owners to have a dedicated spare flat handled soup ladle set aside with their pet’s belongings so when the vet asks you to bring in a sample from your pet, there is no delay.
To save bad backs from too much bending –you can use electrical tape to secure the ladle onto a spare broom handle -this allows one-handed collection still holding the lead and remaining upright.
The spoon can be cut off from the ladle afterwards and sterilized for next use.
Make sure you buy a soup ladle with a flat handle-the curved handles are hard to secure against the pole or broom handle.
Sometimes, when getting a sample from a male dog, a urine collection pot can be taped on to a pole instead of a spoon, but the spoon generally works well for dog or bitch urine collection.
Note: avoid the extended stick version in Border Collie dogs. Border Collie dogs specifically have an issue with humans carrying ‘sticks’ so best to resort to more traditional methods of collection for those particular dogs.