Pet Cremation.

Cremation for your pet.
Whilst we facilitate every owner’s request to use a particular cremation service for their pet, we personally recommend Pets @ Peace for this service.
It is a locally family owned business providing employment in our area, that has never, in the 15 years we have used them ever caused us a moment’s concern.
Over the years, Pets @ Peace here have never lost a body or misplaced it or sent it to another vet (all of which has happened with a different provider).
We have used this family business for our own pets and would use no other.
The people who pick up your pet’s body from either your home or a vet clinic are the same team who physically cremate the body and then return it to you within 2-5 days. This reduces the risk of error and you are always dealing with the same people, directly not someone remote from the issue.
Trust is so important and we trust our local team.
A client had her elderly dog’s ashes returned to their large rural property. The urn was placed in a rockery amongst other pots and plants awaiting being scattered on its original owner’s grave. 3 other dogs lived on the property. One rescue dog could not settle after this dog had died, constantly on the move and verbalising her grief. Within minutes of going outside after the ashes had been returned- this dog stopped-sniffed the area, weaved its way up the rockery, wrapped herself around the urn and went fast asleep. If ever you needed proof the ashes are what they are meant to be, this story is amazing example of the care with which Pets @ Peace handle your pet’s remains.