Practical Tip-Dietary Discretion Cat Collars-an exception to the rule

As you all know, I am not a fan of cat collars for most cats. However, we found these collars at a vet conference overseas. The main intent is to stop neighbours feeding an outdoor roaming cat especially one who is on a medical diet. We find this secret unauthorised feeding of someone else’s pet to wreck havoc on a pet’s health and an owner’s finances so I might just be able to tolerate these collars on some cats. The cost is around $10.
My extra take on them is that the collars are also handy to put on your indoor cat when you have visitors. The collar is a polite visual reminder not to feed the cat.
The collars can be used in a busy household with a busy schedule, where no-one is sure if the cat was fed and most importantly if medicated. The cat will always lie and pretend not to have been fed for days. The collar is put on when the cat has been fed/medicated and removed at night to be used again when next needed. That way everyone knows they have been fed but by removing it at night then the cat is not left unfed for days at a time as well!.