Non-essential Service Shut-down.

Non-essential Service Shut-down.
As yet, we don’t know if any or all vet set-ups will be shut down and to what degree, so we don’t know where OF Vet Clinic sits in the ruling.
Any appts booked this week for young puppies or other dogs/cats with illness etc will be brought forward to Monday/Tuesday. Our staff will contact those clients early tomorrow and organise a time even if we have to work longer hours.
What we ask is that No-One turns up with the expectation of being seen there-and-then or having an order put through quickly.
We stopped walk-ins last week, this will be the same tomorrow.
We ask you either Please Ring to place your order for food, tick products or medications etc so we can get them organised, we will then text you, you prepay, ring when you have arrived and we cold-drop it at front door of clinic when we text you to leave your car.
You can download our App Now off this page and place orders via this Now which will be filled as they come in.
Clients’ needs will be filled before non-clients so we ask our clients to get organised tomorrow until lunch time Tuesday: We can then help any non-clients with their needs at that point.