Drug-Free Therapy for your Pet’s Winter Aches & Pains.

Drug-Free Therapy for your Pet’s Winter Aches & Pains.
As soon as the cold weather hit some weeks ago, we have had a constant stream of our joint and arthritis pets booking in for a much needed medical Laser therapy session.
As vets, we continue to be amazed at how much the pets improve on this drug-free therapy. Several dogs have their laser sessions co-ordinated with their Cartrophen arthritis injection visits.
Enjoy Big boy Bruce’s video https://www.facebook.com/OakFlatsVet/videos/494357028647958 of his laser treatments. Bruce came to us in 06.2019 already on several daily pain medications, natural supplements and special joint food. Everything helped reduce his pain levels, but just not enough to suppress all of his pain. The morning after Bruce’s first laser session, Bruce awoke and proceeded to spend the day chasing his 5yr old Mastiff pal around the garden! Those laser sessions allowed Bruce to come off nearly all his medications and treatments for almost 18 months, until the last few weeks ; already Bruce has begun to benefit from resumption of his laser treatments.(For the purposes of safety during filming, the actual laser technique shown here is modified from the normal technique).
Dr Mark runs these sessions so he can continuously adapt for each pet’s condition, each time it presents. Each pet’s treatment regime is completely unique to that pet and to each visit. We are not fans of animals being booked for a set of treatment sessions rigidly based on the initial visit.
The initial course is usually a set of 3 sessions over a 7-day period, then extending out as the condition improves.
If your pet has not been seen by us in the last 3-6 months for a lameness or arthritis condition, then an initial consultation is required. Even though our machine is one of the most advanced, powerful & versatile of its type in Australia, no single treatment fixes or is suitable for all patients or all conditions. We all need to be happy your pet could benefit from the sessions before we start any treatment regime. Often clients presented their pet for laser on one area, but as vets we discovered additional areas of concern that also needed to be included in that pet’s laser session.