When Slip Slidin’ Along Ain’t Fun; Get-A-Grip: Dogs

When Slip Slidin’ Along Ain’t Cool: Get-A- Grip.

Dogs First.

Modern house floor surface and coverings and our pets are often a bad mix.

I see anything from minor or major disruption to households and to the pets where these modern shiny floors cause pets major problems; resulting in a compromise for welfare in terms of limiting the where and the when and the degree by which pets can chose to interact with their owners. Some animals will simply choose to withdraw into safer zones resulting in less spontaneous social interaction and greater stress and anxiety for the pet. Some pets will struggle on, but many clients of elderly dogs often seem overwhelmed how difficult it is for their dogs to walk around the home without slipping and sliding; to the point the owner is considering euthanasia. Younger dogs often seem to become airborne on the wooden/tile floors then slide slam into a door or furniture resulting in injury.

Solution 1 is easy and cheap.

A trip to Bunnings to purchase as many metres of ‘Get-A-Grip’ or non- slip cloth as needed by the owner in the colour of their choice. cf Photos A (Top, fourth and fifth rung products) & Photo B (close-up of material) Owners then can create a cheap washable replaceable walkway against the wall or create transition walkways and paths to other areas to allow the pet to traverse across the slippy floors. The same grip principle applies to non-slip slippers and boots for pets; but my clients find the slipper stays on but the dog just rotates around in the sock and then the sock falls off. The home-made non slip cloth-mat runways, custom cut to the width and length needed for each house and for each pet, work much better.

A                                                                             B.Solution 1b.

For Larger or heavier dogs, you may need to use a carpet runner on top of the grip cloth mat for better traction. Bunnings also sells a variety of about 60cm wide rolls of carpet runner in various colours and designs you can have cut to the required length (about $19 a metre long) to then sit on the cloth grip mat so carpet mat/runner does not move.https://www.bunnings.com.au/our-range/paint-decorating/flooring/carpet/runner

Solution 2

In April, I came across a new non-slip pet product-Paw Friction-from Silverglide Australia.


17-07 Paw Friction, Rose Summer, Dads Lake House etc.







My initial reaction was negative and that it could cause reactions on the pads or if licked.

But if it didn’t cause any issue then I wondered about it as an option both indoors and outdoors for Dogs. The movie provided by the company shows a huge benefit in the dogs the product is applied to so Do watch the video Paw Friction Movie

I asked around and got the following feedback from a vet colleague;

It would not replace boots but did seem to help my elderly dogs walk on my vinyl floor with less slipping. They didn’t lick at it or seem bothered and it was easy to apply though a bit messy. Downside is it only lasts about a week and has to be reapplied. Thanks to Kim Coyner for the use of photographs below which are Day 1 and Day 7. .

Given the distress and exhaustion otherwise healthy old dogs experience trying to get weak legs under them-this product is worth considering.

Solution 3

Pawz boots

Whilst there are many dog boots/shoes around now, many are not so good indoors

Thank you to Emily Rothstein Bassell for the link to this pack of 12 disposable rubber slip-on disposable boots that claim to give traction on non-slip surfaces


Don’t leave on dog unsupervised as it could represent an intestinal blockage risk if eaten and obviously don’t leave on for too long so that the dog run the risk of developing circumferential pressure sores

Solution 4

Toe Grips.

These are Not suitable for dogs with sore nails or hate their feet being touched but for other dogs they work well. Some good videos on their site-https://toegrips.com/

You apply a lubricating gel and push the grip on firmly.

You might need to stretch the grip open with a tweezers to help slip on over the nail. Really have to pick your patient for these ones but they will work for particular dogs depending on the cause of the dog’s weakness. Don’t allow your dog to chew and eat them either!

Solution 5

Leg braces are being mainstream in vet medicine now for injuries and rehab.

Several online sites offer various options on braces for one or both legs to enable stability in rising.

We used to advice owners to protect their own backs and the pet’s back to run a large sheet or towel under dog’s hind quarters and belly to help hoist the dog up safely into a standing position: whereupon most dogs can then move around on their own. Now owners can also purchase a variety of different commercially made body slings ebay  from $13-$40 which is very affordable but always check any seller out before you commit  to buy.