Homealonepet “Sister” projects.

As you are all aware, our clinic has been shining a light on the problem of animals whose sole owners are suddenly taken ill and unable to care for the pets.

We were delighted to see the NSW Trustee respond and develop a guardianship program for such pets.

We were keen to see the RSPCA develop and promote their role in helping resolve this pet crisis. We were pleased recently to read campaigns from the RSPCA on this topic including their own Homealonepet cards and Register#. This is Wonderful to see.

We were then alerted by a dear member of our vet clinic family to another similar program run by an organisation: Paws and Recover. This is such a perfect fit for our Homealonepet crusade. More details on the group below but we will donate any of the funds from our recent food Silent Auction from any winning bid that did not have a specified mental health charity listed by the winner.

Pets are important for our mental health and well-being. For someone who suffers from mental illness and stress, knowing your pet has somewhere safe to go while you recover from period of emotional/mental/physical/financial stress must surely be a positive for the mental health of both pet and owner. Thank you to Brydie’s mum Sue for alerting us to Paws and Recover.

” Paws and Recover is a registered Not for Profit Organisation establishing an infrastructure of volunteers to support people by sharing the care of their pets during a health crisis and difficult times. Through a network of volunteers, Paws and Recover offers practical help such as dog walking, respite-pet care, fostering, dog & cat grooming, transporting pets to vets and support in assisting people care for their animals during times of illness: Aim to offer an alternative to rehoming abandoning, neglecting or destroying a pet during their owner’s period of ill health. Aim to alleviate any anxiety for pet owners which enables them to focus on their own well being and assists their recovery.”




Our Clinic will donate to Paws and Recover, any of the funds from our clinic’s recent food Silent Auction/Secret Bid event from any winning bid that did not have a specified mental health charity listed by the winners.