Snakes, Ticks and Bees.

First the changing pattern of Snake & Tick bites in our immediate area.
Normally the Oak Flats general area has been low risk for actual cases of Tick or for Snake-bite related health issues in our pets. Whilst Historically Shell Cove has been a natural area for Red bellies etc and Albion Park is renowned for its native pythons, Oak Flats has never been in same league when it comes to number of snake bites. The same can be said for tiny number of Tick paralysis cases occurring in pets who never leave the Oak Flats area. Previously most tick cases in local OF dogs arose where the family went camping and either brought the pet with them to tick areas or brought the ticks back on camping gear or vehicles.
This Summer we are seeing a different pattern where local dogs/cats are coming down with the effects of tick or snake bites. The most recent tick case last week was in a pet whose garden backs onto the reserve between Old and New Lake Entrance Road. The tick was not even fully engorged yet the poor cat took 7 days to recover. The most recent snake bite victim was found dead :A large red belly in the yard was the suspected culprit. (Photo is from a different snake case)..
Now is probably a good time to clear the yard of all the junk you have been promising to get around to. It is also a good time to up your pet’s Tick protection.
Advantix Topical works well but must be applied every 2 weeks for ticks-the 4-weekly/monthly recommendation is strictly for Fleas. Advantix MUST NOT BE USED ON CATS OR IN HOUSEHOLDS WITH CATS.
Preventic Collars protect for 6 weeks but can’t be worn when swimming.
Bravecto comes as a chew for 3 months or as a topical for 6 months. in dogs and as a topical for 3 months in cats.
Frontline Top-spot failed miserably in previous years-the ticks attach to the inner aspect of lower eyelid where the Frontline is not absorbed and just that tiny free area is enough for a tick to attach and gorge and cause paralysis. 

Now to BEES. The current crop seem very cranky if the number of allergic reactions in dogs just this week is anything to go by. Currently Dachshunds are leading the Victim Tally with Staffies coming a close second. Watch for freshly mown grass-not only is it itself super-itchy, the bees seem to love the mown areas. Should your dog erupt in any of the swollen face signs or even smaller bumps than the dramatic ones shown in the slides above (Thank you to Archie’s mum for sharing photos of his episode) then please seek veterinary attention promptly. If it is not a bee sting and you truly can’t get to access to a vet, even just bathing in running cool tepid water to remove irritant sap can be enough to help some dogs having a contact reaction. (Wear gloves so you don’t get the sap on you!).