Smart Clients: Another Tip to reduce Food Spoilage

We have always believed that we have the nicest, kindest and smartest owners as our clients and the tip below from one of said clients just proves that we are correct in that belief.

We recently did a Facebook and website Blog post on Tips to keep Pet Food safe.

One of the ways to do that for any food is to decant out what you need for a week into a smaller sealed container and seal back up the main bag.

However, when you have a small dog and you want to use a large bag of food as cheaper per kg, sadly 8-12 weeks from main bag opening, you are often feeding a lower quality, higher storage-mite content food.

To add to some of the work-arounds to minimise staleness in the food in our article

We can now add this Tip from one of our clients.

Kerian’s pet needs to be on Hills R/D but for reasons best know to Hills, the small bag of R/D is no longer available in Australia.

Most other foods-cooked, raw, home or commercial, cause Roxy problems.

A 12.5kg bag for an 8kg dog will not store well for that long.

Kerian’s solution was to take the big 12.5kg new bag and divide it down into weekly sealed units using his own vacuum food sealer.





Kerian had previously purchased the unit for other family foods so a good extra use for the machine. Vacuum Models vary from $29 to $300.

Two rolls of refill vacuum bags cost $15 approx at K-mart.

The preference is still to buy only the size of bag best suited to the size of your pet.
That way the food stays in its original bag and you use it up fast.
However, when there is no option, ie you have a tiny pet in general or as with Hills R/D, where Hills Australia only supplies the food in ridiculous giant sized bags etc, then Kerian’s work-around has great validity.

For more Tips to Reduce Spoilage of Pet-Food: