Thanks to Dani Elle as our Waiting Room Poster goes International!

The wonderfully talented Dani Elle illustrated our Waiting Room Etiquette poem(by UK Vet J.Innes) with some drawings of her own. We have finally gotten around to have the combination printed out as a large poster and as a Facebook upload.
Since then, we have had such a great response from the vet community for our Aussie illustrated version.
Sydney Uni’s CVE now has a downloaded version for all their members to download or order and use.

Our Clinc and  the CVE just ask that anyone using it make a donation either to:

Jewish House as it is one of the very few refuges that takes victims of DV and their pets,


To Paws and Recover charity: paypal account linked to the email address [email protected],


CVE directly for your mental health charity of choice,


If Overseas: Donate to any Charity in that country that has the same aim as the 3 organisations listed above.

If any Aussie Vet clinic wants the poster professionally printed; KwikPrint Wollongong has it already set up for us so they can use that but need to pay Kwik Print themselves directly.

Overseas Vets in countries where English is not a first language Love the poster and asked to be notified if we ever do just a version with no words only Dani’s illustrations!!                                                                                                                                                                        The drawings overcome illiteracy and language barriers.
Other Vets then realised they have clients who have don’t have English as a first language or good literacy; so obviously this is a project to consider down the path in the future sometime.