Wonderful Wonderful News. A new Cure for Cancer from Oak Flats Vet Clinic!

Wonderful Wonderful News. A new Cure for Cancer from Oak Flats Vet Clinic!
Working hand in hand with yet another of our amazing clients, Oak Flats Vet Clinic has discovered a brand-new cure for a type of eye cancer that attacks people and dogs and horses.
Our paper on the novel use of a topical eye medication to treat this disfiguring, vision & life-threatening cancer has just been accepted by a top peer-reviewed scientific journal.
Our brand-new simple treatment is a World-First and offers tremendous hope to people and to animals.
Our discovery is a cancer game-changer globally.
None of it was possible without the trust our clients place in us.
When an elderly giant breed dog developed this cancer, the only option was disfiguring surgery with a 70% relapse rate. Neither of which was good for this patient.
No medical therapy existed… Yet.
So, we set down to research new data on how this tumour works to find a back door into it. We found that back door and with Kristina, her owner fully informed & on-board, we started the treatment for Inka. The drug worked fast to put Inka’s cancer into remission.
The cost: approx. $270 for the entire 6 weeks.
This is now the SEVENTH World-first peer reviewed medical discovery out of little Oak Flat Vet Clinic.
These seven discoveries join Twelve other intra-vet profession accepted novel treatment regimens or techniques, all developed from Oak Flats with our clients to make a total of 19 brand new safe medical protocols.
None would have been possible without the trust and team-work we have with our clients. That trust, now shared-on, means we can change the lives of animals far remote from Oak Flats and do so with really simple clean & affordable treatments.
To all our wonderful clients who understand the background work we put into every decision we make: from the products we stock (or don’t) to the drugs we use ( or avoid) and to our drive to customize the care we provide solely to make your pet’s life better, Our Deepest Thanks and Appreciation.
Warm hugs
OFVC Team.