EDUC Dog Treats RC. Product Review

EDUC Dog Treats from Royal Canin.

This Dog Treat is a wonderful low salt, lower allergen, low calorie, high palatability food reward for dogs.

This real hero of a treat is a huge help to vets, both in a clinic and in a pet home setting, to help calm and reward our patients.

We found EDUC to be superb for dogs with:

  • IBD or lower level food intolerant dogs to have as a treat.
  • Low in salt; some alternative treats are 28X the recommended salt level compared to O.6% salt in Educ.
  • Low in calories; the owner of an overweight dog can still treat their pet, but now using an exact number of treats so that weight loss is not impaired.
  • The tiny size also educates all owners from the start as to proper size a treat should be.
  • Great to get a dog back eating after a major illness.

 One of the best suggestions of all comes from a Vet colleague and Behavioural Specialist. Valerie’s observation below# means that we can now also treat a nervous dog wearing a box/basket muzzle. As a result, the muzzled pet gets to enjoy the same spoiling and treats that all our other dog patients get at their vet visit. This makes for a happier patient, happier owner and happier vet staff all round.

“EDUC is also very useful for training dogs to wear a basket# muzzle as it fits through the mesh in most cases”.   Valerie

With more greyhounds appearing as pets in Australian vet clinics, the timing of the reappearance of the EDUC treat that can be used through a box muzzle# could not come at a better time.

My own pets, from Dachshund to large dogs, all loved EDUC above any other treat. I suspect you will find your own dogs will be the same.

For the months of Oct and Nov 2017, all purchases, no matter how big or small will go in a computer draw to win one of FOUR boxes (30 packets a box) of ROYAL CANIN”s amazing healthy dog treat EDUC. There is a limit of one invoice per pet per day but you can enter multiple times over the 2 months.

Use our EDUC App Loyalty Card of buy 10, get 11th free. The card is found on our free Oak flats clinic app.