This page contains links to interesting articles and documents for clients and other Veterinarians. Most of these will be in the form of PDF files for which you will need to have Adobe Acrobat reader installed in order to view them.

  1. Successful use of topical mitomycin C for the treatment of a putative neoplastic vascular mass on the nictitating membrane of a dog. A Seavers, D Robson and J M Weingarth. Australian Veterinary Journal 2019: In Press.
  2. Evaluation of the thyroid status of Basenji Dogs in Australia. A Seavers, DH Snow, KV Mason and R Malik. Aust Vet J 2008;86:429–435.
  3. Dynamic Thyroid Testing, Thyroid Histology and Thyroxine Replacement Therapy in Basenji Dogs. A Seavers, K Vickery, S W Page, J M Weingarth and R Malik. Aust Vet Practitioner 2015;45(4):154-162.
  4. A vesicular (blistering) skin condition in a dog following putative contact exposure to Plumbago auriculata. A Seavers, D Robson and J M Weingarth. Aust Vet J 2016;94 (8):290-292.
  5. Exfoliative Dermatopathy associated with Ovarian Dysgerminoma-Adenocarcinoma-Pyometron Complex. A Seavers. Aust Vet Pract 2009;39 (3): 90-93.
  6. Cutaneous Syndrome possibly caused by Heartworm infestation in a Dog. A Seavers. Aust Vet J  1998;76 (1):18-20.
  7. Monocephalus Dipygus Parapagus.  A Seavers. J Feline Med  Surg 2009;11[4]: 330-331.
  8. A case of Monocephalus rachipagus tribrachius tetrapus in a puppy.Adonis Pino, Arlenis Pérez, Aine Seavers, Guillermo Hermo. Veterinary Research Forum 2016;7 (3):267-270.
  9. Permethrin intoxication of cats: a survey of veterinary practitioners in Australia 2006-2009. Richard Malik, Aine Seavers, Anne Fawcett, Erin Bell, Michael P. Ward, Merran Govendir and Stephen Page. J Feline Med Surg 2009 ; 12 (1), 5-14.doi:10.1016 /j.jfms. 2009.12.002.
  10. Feline Focus. J Feline Med Surg; 13 (7) :537-540 07/2011.
  11. Docking Dispute. A Seavers. Aust Vet J 2000;78 (9) :599.
  12. Hypertrophic Megacolon and Bony Diets. A Seavers. Author Reply 317. Journal of Small Animal Practice 2009 ;50(6):317.
  13. Pharmacological and genetic characterisation of the canine P2X4 receptor. Sophocleous R.A et alBrit J. Pharm. Article DOI: 10.1111/bph.15009.
  14. Association of a P2RX7 gene missense variant with brachycephalic dog breeds. Sophocleous R.A et al. Anim Genet Nov 2019.doi: 10.1111/age.12884.
  15. Functional expression of the damage-associated molecular pattern receptor P2X7 on canine kidney epithelial cells.  Iman Jalilian, Mari Spildrejordea,, Aine Seavers, Belinda L. Curtisd, Jason D. McArthura, Ronald Sluyter. Vet Immunol Immunop 2012;150: 228- 233.
  16. A R270C polymorphism leads to loss of function of the canine P2X7 receptor. Spildrejorde M, et al. Physiol Genomics 2014; 46: 512-522.
  17. Activation of the damage-associated molecular pattern receptor P2X7 induces interleukin-1<beta> release from canine monocytes. Iman Jalilian et al. Vet Immunol ImmunopI 2012; 149 :86-91.
  18. The Seavers’ Sling. When Necessity is the Mother of Invention– Remember the Omentum- reconstruction of an abdominal wall post major road vehicle trauma in a dog. Winning Article, C & T Dec 2006.
  19. The Seavers’ Slide. A method of Hip Dislocation Reduction. Winning Article. A Seavers, C & T 4785 03/2007.
  20. The Seavers’ Scooper. A feline pooper scooper suitable for use by elderly owners. Winning Article, C & T 5567. Issue 284. 09/2016. 
  21. The Seavers’ Sleeve. An atraumatic disposable forceps sleeve.Winning Article. C & T 5661 02/2018.
  22. What is your Diagnosis? Winning Article. C & T March & June* 2018 No.5650 pg. 4. / 5673* pg5.
  23. Update on behind the locked front door:HomeAlone Pet Posters/Cards and TAG programWinning Article C & T 2017.
  24. Ocular Ouch:Clerapliq. A Seavers. C & T 5751. Winning article June 2019.
  25. If You could only do one intervention: Video Quiz  & Report. A. Seavers. Major prize winnner.C & T 5746 June & September 2019.


  • Poisons Perspective 87 C & T. June 2011;Toxic Tales from Around the World. A. Seavers, Co-EDITOR & Contributor.
  1. Metacam Mega-Overdose.
  2. Hormone Creams- Cover Up.
  3. When Fishing in a drought can lead to Toad Fish Poisoning in dogs.
  4. Paracetamol poisoning- Was the Poison in the Purse or was the Poison In the Purse?
  5. Possible Psilocybin poisoning.
  6. Spinosad.
  7. Seagrass and Grass: Author Mark Weingarth.
  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Toxicity  A Seavers Brunfelsia, C & T 2006 no 4689- Post Grad Foundation of Sydney University. With the recent popularity of lifestyle shows featuring garden makeovers we have begun to see a new type of poisoning case. The symptoms of this plant can mimic anything from snail bait to strychnine poisoning.
  • Brunfelsia. A Seavers, Australian Vet. J. 2008;86: N20.
  • Plant Poisons. C & T 5671.  Pygmy Date Palms; Biological Weapons in the Palm on Your Land.  December 2017.
  • Plant Poisons. C & T 5640. Sago Palm Reply to C & T 5602 September 2017.
  • Plant Poisons. C & T 5701. Plumbago/Skyflower. September 2018.
  • Azalea Poisoning in a Golden Retriever. Reply and Comment A Seavers, C & T Sept 2008.
  • A Toxicologist’s Perspective. Perspective 101 C & T Dec 2013. Reviewed by A Seavers.
  • To Bleed or Not to Bleed. Treatment dilemmas in Rat bait poisonings. A Seavers, C & T March 2012.
  • Toxic Toys. 3-part Quiz. Winning Article C & T 2016. pg. 10, 29, 52. Synopsis Available in Dr. Áine’s Blog.


  • Behaviour Perspective 90. Control and Therapy (C & T) June 2012.  A Seavers, CO-EDITOR & contributing author.
      1. Urination issues for cats: When the Bladder is the victim, not the culprit.
      2. Traditional cat litter trays need a new shape reflecting cat’s age, gender and health*. Available below.
      3. Improved cognitive function in old dogs;putting the Joy back in old dog’s life with Hills J/d.
      4. Aids in Copraphagia.
      5. How Eco-living and/or costly Electricity bills could worsen Sun-downing Canine Dementia Disorder.
      6. Happy Hole digging- not Boredom;Australian Giant Dinosaur worms as the reward.
  • Anti-anxiety medication to slow the clinical expression of canine cognitive disorder and dementia. Winning Article. A Seavers, C & T 4867 Dec 2007.
  • Anti -anxiety medication to slow the clinical expression of CCD and also aid in noise and separation phobias. A Seavers, The Veterinarian April 2011.
  • Cyproheptadine: A handy helper: A Seavers, The Veterinarian Feb 2010. Reprinted in Control and Therapy Sept 2010;5117.
  • Changing the visual on pet muzzle restraints. A Seavers, C & T March 2014.
  • Seven Roads to Rome, only one behavioural approach-Why? A Seavers, C & T June 2014.
  • Bladder disease-why cat litter trays need to fit the cat. Available in Dr Áine’s Blog.
  • The Problem with Cat Carriers. Winning Article. C & T. Available in Dr Áine’s Blog.
  • Why do some dogs prefer to urinate indoors? Available in Dr Áine’s Blog.
  • Sun-drunk Cats- C & T 5639. Reply to Ambient Temperature of Cats. C & T 5626 September 2017. Available in Dr. Áine’s Blog under the title of: Why do Cats endanger their lives in search of warmth.
  • Using warm tables to ‘chill’ cats and prevent actinic skin disease. A Seavers. C & T 5733 March 2018


  • Perspective 80; All things Necrotic: C & T Sept 2009 pg. 37-48. A. Seavers, GUEST EDITOR & Contributor.
    1. Mating Necrosis. Mark Weingarth and A Seavers, C & T Sept 2009 Pg. 44-45
    2. Follow-up on Fournier’s gangrene: A Seavers, Control and Therapy 5100, Sept 2010.
  • Discovering DLE-Discoid Lupus Erythematosus. A Seavers, The Veterinarian Feb 2009- Treatment pg. 52-53.
  • Spotlight on SLO- Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy. A Seavers, The Veterinarian Sept 2009- Treatment, Pg. 53-54.
  • The Eyes have it, Cutaneous Markers of Systemic disease. A Seavers, The Veterinarian 2011.
  • External Markers of internal disease; the “not so humble” nail clip. Winning Article, A Seavers, C & T No 5312, June 2013.
  • External markers of internal disease, nail clip Part 2. A Seavers, C & T No 5530, Sept 2013.
  • When Nothing is Making Sense, Use all your Senses. A Seavers, C & T 4815, June 2007.
  • V doth Verily Vanquish. C & T June 2018, No 5679 pg. 20-21.


  • Practice Tip: Soup ladles and urine collection in the upright position. A Seavers and J M Weingarth, C & T 41(257) Pg1 Dec 2009. Available in Galleries of our Smartphone APP.
  • Practice Tip: No more Drugs- Amazing device from “DogLeggs”. A Seavers, C  &T 5456 March 2015. Available in Galleries of our Smartphone APP.
  • Practice Tip: Rabbits Love Lectade. A Seavers, C & T June 2014.
  • Practice Tip: Tips to increase compliance with ocular meds. Winning Article. C & T 5572. Issue 284, pg. 32-33.
  • Practice Tip: Dietary Discretion Collars for Cats. C & T 5618, Issue 287 June 2017, pg. 16.
  • Practice Tip: When Slip-Slidin’-Along Ain’t Cool-Get a Grip. C & T Sept 2018 No.5694 pg. 22-25.


  • Winter Tips: Available from our Smartphone APP.
    1. Arthritis in Pets,
    2. Pet beds,
    3. Tumble Dryer dangers,
    4. Car bonnets.
    5. Ambient Temperature for Elderly cats
  • Spring Tips:
    • Pretty Poisons in the Yard Series. Available in Dr Áine’s Blog.
    • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow/Brunfelsia
    • Duranta
    • Lillies
    • Plumbago
    • Inch Plant
    • Azalea
    • Sago Palm/Cycad
    • Pygmy Date Palms; Biological Weapons in the Palm on Your Land. December 201
  • Summer Tips: Available in Dr Áine’s Blog-updated regularly.
    • 1. Pet Food Treats.
    • 2.Safe Dog Toys.
    • 3.Affordable ways to keep your pets cool and safe in summer. (Winner Best Visuals)  C&T 5649 Dec 2017)
    • 4.Fireworks, Thunder and Noise Phobias.


  • Perspective 82; The Art of Veterinary Practice: Control and Therapy March 2010. A. Seavers, Guest Editor & Contributor.
  • Medical white coats: More versatile than you think. Winning Article. A Seavers, C & T 4891 April 2008.
  • Reply to C&T No. 5270 Flea Treatments. Winning Article. A Seavers, C & T March 2013.
  • Update on Frozen Backs and Clinic Freezers. A Seavers, C & T March 2013. Winning Article.
  • Frozen Backs and Clinic Freezers. A Seavers, C & T March 2009 pg.
  • Instructions for Pet Home Burial. A Seavers, C & T 39(246) Pg. 27 March 2007.
  • Use of alternative medication for Rabbit and Feline sinusitis. A Seavers, C & T March 2013, Pg. 32.
  • Famciclovir in Cats-use of a Client Induced Episodic Treatment (C.I.E.T.) Protocol: A Seavers, Control and Therapy 5094, June 2010.
  • Deliberate before you Medicate Part 1. A Seavers, C & T 5428 December 2014.
  • Deliberate before you Medicate Part 2. A Seavers, C & T 47(279) June 2015, Pg. 21-27.
  • Nasal mites: a tale of six dogs. C & T 5341. Invited Comment courtesy of A Seavers, pg. 48.
  • Fannia spp for feline perineal itch. A Seavers, C & T 5355 Dec 2013.
  • Prosthetic Haemangiosarcoma in the Boxer Dog. A Seavers C & T 29(196) Pg. 938-939 June 1997.
  • Malaseb- Can’t believe how good it is.  A Seavers C & T 43(262) Pg. 1-3 March 2010.
  • Eureka Moments in Dentistry. A Seavers, C & T 5448 March 2015.
  • Suspected Cases of Acute Renal Failure with glucosuria- Fanconi like Syndrome in dogs fed chicken treats imported from China. A Seavers, C & T Sept 2008.
  • Alphabet Foods. The Food Re-challenge we had to have thanks to quarantined foods. A Seavers, Control and Therapy December 2011.
  • Fulminant ascites options; drugs, batteries and scalpels.A Seavers, C & T No. 5316- June 2013.
  • Eye-watering tips for suturing techniques in Tom’s Paddock. A Seavers, C & T No. 5328, Sept 2013.
  • Economic validation for stocking uncommonly used antidotes and antiemetics on the drug shelf. A Seavers, C & T 5329, Sept 2013. Addendum C & T 5329 Sept 2018.
  • Tips to use Acetylcysteine vials so that the drug does not expire on the shelf awaiting a Paracetamol Poisoning presentation. A Seavers, C & T 45(270) Pg. 32 March 2013.  Addendum C & T 5706 Sept 2018.
  • Use of Acetylcysteine in Canine Otitis C & T. Reply to C & T March 2013.
  • Toward a less stressful pet Euthanasia; A Seavers C & T March 2017 Issue 285, 5603.
  • Behind the locked front door; the crisis confronting our Paramedics, an ill owner and the household’s pets. Available in Dr Áine’s Blog.
  • Second case of Nasal Myiasis in an urban cat/Feline Hyperaesthesia Syndrome? C & T Dec 2018 no 5718.
  • Alleviation of Thermal Strain 5720: Reply to. A Seavers pq 28 C & T March 2019.
  • Yunnan Baiyao.  A. Seavers C & T 5752. June 2019.