This page contains links to articles written by Dr Aine Seavers including a mix of non-peer reviewed and  Peer-reviewed papers.

  1. Successful use of topical mitomycin C for the treatment of a putative neoplastic vascular mass on the nictitating membrane of a dog. A Seavers, D Robson and J M Weingarth. Australian Veterinary Journal 2020;98(4):164-167.
  2. Evaluation of the thyroid status of Basenji Dogs in Australia. A Seavers, DH Snow, KV Mason and R Malik. Aust Vet J 2008;86:429–435.
  3. Dynamic Thyroid Testing, Thyroid Histology and Thyroxine Replacement Therapy in Basenji Dogs. A Seavers, K Vickery, S W Page, J M Weingarth and R Malik. Aust Vet Practitioner 2015;45(4):154-162.
  4. A vesicular (blistering) skin condition in a dog following putative contact exposure to Plumbago auriculata. A Seavers, D Robson and J M Weingarth. Aust Vet J 2016;94 (8):290-292.
  5. Exfoliative Dermatopathy associated with Ovarian Dysgerminoma-Adenocarcinoma-Pyometron Complex. A Seavers. Aust Vet Pract 2009;39 (3): 90-93.
  6. Cutaneous Syndrome possibly caused by Heartworm infestation in a Dog. A Seavers. Aust Vet J  1998;76 (1):18-20.
  7. Monocephalus Dipygus Parapagus.  A Seavers. J Feline Med  Surg 2009;11[4]: 330-331.
  8. A case of Monocephalus rachipagus tribrachius tetrapus in a puppy.Adonis Pino, Arlenis Pérez, Aine Seavers, Guillermo Hermo. Veterinary Research Forum 2016;7 (3):267-270.
  9. Permethrin intoxication of cats: a survey of veterinary practitioners in Australia 2006-2009. Richard Malik, Aine Seavers, Anne Fawcett, Erin Bell, Michael P. Ward, Merran Govendir and Stephen Page. J Feline Med Surg 2009 ; 12 (1), 5-14.doi:10.1016 /j.jfms. 2009.12.002.
  10. Feline Focus. J Feline Med Surg; 13 (7) :537-540 07/2011.
  11. Docking Dispute. A Seavers. Aust Vet J 2000;78 (9) :599.
  12. Hypertrophic Megacolon and Bony Diets. A Seavers. Author Reply 317. Journal of Small Animal Practice 2009 ;50(6):317.
  13. Pharmacological and genetic characterisation of the canine P2X4 receptor. Sophocleous R.A et al. Brit J. Pharm. 2020.
  14. Association of a P2RX7 gene missense variant with brachycephalic dog breeds. Sophocleous R.A et al. Anim Genet Nov 2019.doi: 10.1111/age.12884.
  15. Functional expression of the damage-associated molecular pattern receptor P2X7 on canine kidney epithelial cells.  Iman Jalilian, Mari Spildrejordea,, Aine Seavers, Belinda L. Curtisd, Jason D. McArthura, Ronald Sluyter. Vet Immunol Immunop 2012;150: 228- 233.
  16. A R270C polymorphism leads to loss of function of the canine P2X7 receptor. Spildrejorde M, et al. Physiol Genomics 2014; 46: 512-522.
  17. Activation of the damage-associated molecular pattern receptor P2X7 induces interleukin-1<beta> release from canine monocytes. Iman Jalilian et al. Vet Immunol ImmunopI 2012; 149 :86-91.
  18. The Seavers’ Sling. When Necessity is the Mother of Invention– Remember the Omentum- reconstruction of an abdominal wall post major road vehicle trauma in a dog. Winning Article, C & T Dec 2006.
  19. The Seavers’ Slide. A method of Hip Dislocation Reduction. Winning Article. A Seavers, C & T 4785 03/2007.
  20. The Seavers’ Scooper. A feline pooper scooper suitable for use by elderly owners. Winning Article, C & T 5567. Issue 284. 09/2016. 
  21. The Seavers’ Sleeve. An atraumatic disposable forceps sleeve.Winning Article. C & T 5661 02/2018.
  22. What is your Diagnosis? Winning Article. C & T March & June* 2018 No.5650 pg. 4. / 5673* pg5.
  23. Update on behind the locked front door:HomeAlone Pet Posters/Cards and TAG programWinning Article C & T 2017.
  24. Ocular Ouch:Clerapliq. A Seavers. C & T 5751. Winning article June 2019.
  25. If You could only do one intervention: Video Quiz  & Report. A. Seavers. Major prize winnner.C & T 5746 June & September 2019.


  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Toxicity  A Seavers Brunfelsia, C & T 2006 no 4689- Post Grad Foundation of Sydney University. With the recent popularity of lifestyle shows featuring garden makeovers we have begun to see a new type of poisoning case. The symptoms of this plant can mimic anything from snail bait to strychnine poisoning.
  • Brunfelsia. A Seavers, Australian Vet. J. 2008;86: N20.
  • Plant Poisons. C & T 5671.  Pygmy Date Palms; Biological Weapons in the Palm on Your Land.  December 2017.
  • Plant Poisons. C & T 5640. Sago Palm Reply to C & T 5602 September 2017.
  • Plant Poisons. C & T 5701. Plumbago/Skyflower. September 2018.
  • Azalea Poisoning in a Golden Retriever. Reply and Comment A Seavers, C & T Sept 2008.
  • Poisons Perspective 87 C & T. June 2011;Toxic Tales from Around the World. A. Seavers, Co-EDITOR & Contributor.
    1. Metacam Mega-Overdose.
    2. Hormone Creams- Cover Up.
    3. When Fishing in a drought can lead to Toad Fish Poisoning in dogs.
    4. Paracetamol poisoning- Was the Poison in the Purse or was the Poison In the Purse?
    5. Possible Psilocybin poisoning.
    6. Spinosad.
    7. Seagrass and Grass: Author Mark Weingarth.
  • A Toxicologist’s Perspective. Perspective 101 C & T Dec 2013. Reviewed by A Seavers.
  • To Bleed or Not to Bleed. Treatment dilemmas in Rat bait poisonings. A Seavers, C & T March 2012.
  • Toxic Toys. 3-part Quiz. Winning Article C & T 2016. pg. 10, 29, 52. Synopsis Available in Dr. Áine’s Blog.


  • Behaviour Perspective 90. Control and Therapy (C & T) June 2012.  A Seavers, CO-EDITOR & contributing author.
  • Urination issues for cats: When the Bladder is the victim, not the culprit.
  • Traditional cat litter trays need a new shape reflecting cat’s age, gender and health*. Available below.
  • Improved cognitive function in old dogs;putting the Joy back in old dog’s life with Hills J/d.
  • Aids in Copraphagia.
  • How Eco-living and/or costly Electricity bills could worsen Sun-downing Canine Dementia Disorder.
  • Happy Hole digging- not Boredom;Australian Giant Dinosaur worms as the reward.
  • Anti-anxiety medication to slow the clinical expression of canine cognitive disorder and dementia. Winning Article. A Seavers, C & T 4867 Dec 2007.
  • Anti -anxiety medication to slow the clinical expression of CCD and also aid in noise and separation phobias. A Seavers, The Veterinarian April 2011.
  • Cyproheptadine: A handy helper: A Seavers, The Veterinarian Feb 2010. Reprinted in Control and Therapy Sept 2010;5117.
  • Changing the visual on pet muzzle restraints. A Seavers, C & T March 2014.
  • Seven Roads to Rome, only one behavioural approach-Why? A Seavers, C & T June 2014.
  • Noise, Thunder, Fireworks Fear in Pets. Available in Dr Áine’s Blog.
  • Bladder disease-why cat litter trays need to fit the cat. Available in Dr Áine’s Blog.
  • The Problem with Cat Carriers. Winning Article. C & T. Available in Dr Áine’s Blog.
  • Why do some dogs prefer to urinate indoors? Available in Dr Áine’s Blog.
  • Sun-drunk Cats- C & T 5639. Reply to Ambient Temperature of Cats. C & T 5626 September 2017. Available in Dr. Áine’s Blog under the title of: Why do Cats endanger their lives in search of warmth.
  • Using warm tables to ‘chill’ cats and prevent actinic skin disease. A Seavers. C & T 5733 March 2018.


  • Perspective 80; All things Necrotic: C & T Sept 2009 pg. 37-48. A. Seavers, GUEST EDITOR & Contributor.
    1. Mating Necrosis. Mark Weingarth and A Seavers, C & T Sept 2009 Pg. 44-45
    2. Follow-up on Fournier’s gangrene: A Seavers, Control and Therapy 5100, Sept 2010.
  • Discovering DLE-Discoid Lupus Erythematosus. A Seavers, The Veterinarian Feb 2009- Treatment pg. 52-53.
  • Spotlight on SLO- Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy. A Seavers, The Veterinarian Sept 2009- Treatment, Pg. 53-54.
  • The Eyes have it, Cutaneous Markers of Systemic disease. A Seavers, The Veterinarian 2011.
  • External Markers of internal disease; the “not so humble” nail clip. Winning Article, A Seavers, C & T No 5312, June 2013.
  • External markers of internal disease, nail clip Part 2. A Seavers, C & T No 5530, Sept 2013.
  • When Nothing is Making Sense, Use all your Senses. A Seavers, C & T 4815, June 2007.
  • V doth Verily Vanquish. C & T June 2018, No 5679 pg. 20-21.


  • Practice Tip: Soup ladles and urine collection in the upright position. A Seavers and J M Weingarth, C & T 41(257) Pg1 Dec 2009. Available in Galleries of our Smartphone APP.
  • Practice Tip: No more Drugs- Amazing device from “DogLeggs”. A Seavers, C  &T 5456 March 2015. Available in Galleries of our Smartphone APP.
  • Practice Tip: Rabbits Love Lectade. A Seavers, C & T June 2014.
  • Practice Tip: Tips to increase compliance with ocular meds. Winning Article. C & T 5572. Issue 284, pg. 32-33.
  • Practice Tip: Dietary Discretion Collars for Cats. C & T 5618, Issue 287 June 2017, pg. 16.
  • Practice Tip: When Slip-Slidin’-Along Ain’t Cool-Get a Grip. C & T Sept 2018 No.5694 pg. 22-25.
  • Practice Tip: The ‘Frankie Lolly”. Use of Oravet Chews to calm a dog. C/T 5810 March 2o20.
  • Practice Tip: Covid Tip: Repurposing airline Towellets. C/t 5834 June 2020.


  • Winter Tips: Available from our Smartphone APP.
    1. Arthritis in Pets,
    2. Pet beds,
    3. Tumble Dryer dangers,
    4. Car bonnets.
    5. Ambient Temperature for Elderly cats


  • Spring Tips:
    • Pretty Poisons in the Yard Series. Available in Dr Áine’s Blog.
    • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow/Brunfelsia
    • Duranta
    • Lillies
    • Plumbago
    • Inch Plant
    • Azalea
    • Sago Palm/Cycad
    • Pygmy Date Palms; Biological Weapons in the Palm on Your Land. December 2018


  • Summer Tips: Available in Dr Áine’s Blog-updated regularly.
    • 1. Pet Food Treats.
    • 2. Safe Dog Toys.
    • 3. Affordable ways to keep your pets cool and safe in summer. (Winner Best Visuals C&T 5649 Dec 2017)
    • 4. Fireworks, Thunder and Noise Phobias.
    • 5. What good can I do when I know nothing about Bush Fires: C/T  5814 March 2020.(Major Winner)
    • 6. Make sure pets get to ‘Phone Home’ during the Holiday season. C/T 5865 Dec 2020


  1. Perspective 82; The Art of Veterinary Practice: Control and Therapy March 2010. A. Seavers, Guest Editor & Contributor.
  2. Medical white coats: More versatile than you think. Winning Article. A Seavers, C & T 4891 April 2008.
  3. Reply to C&T No. 5270 Flea Treatments. Winning Article. A Seavers, C & T March 2013.
  4. Update on Frozen Backs and Clinic Freezers. A Seavers, C & T March 2013. Winning Article.
  5. Frozen Backs and Clinic Freezers. A Seavers, C & T March 2009 pg.
  6. Instructions for Pet Home Burial. A Seavers, C & T 39(246) Pg. 27 March 2007.
  7. Use of alternative medication for Rabbit and Feline sinusitis. A Seavers, C & T March 2013, Pg. 32.
  8. Famciclovir in Cats-use of a Client Induced Episodic Treatment (C.I.E.T.) Protocol: A Seavers, Control and Therapy 5094, June 2010.
  9. Deliberate before you Medicate Part 1. A Seavers, C & T 5428 December 2014.
  10. Deliberate before you Medicate Part 2. A Seavers, C & T 47(279) June 2015, Pg. 21-27.
  11. Nasal mites: a tale of six dogs. C & T 5341. Invited Comment courtesy of A Seavers, pg. 48.
  12. Fannia spp for feline perineal itch. A Seavers, C & T 5355 Dec 2013.
  13. Prosthetic Haemangiosarcoma in the Boxer Dog. A Seavers C & T 29(196) Pg. 938-939 June 1997.
  14. Malaseb- Can’t believe how good it is.  A Seavers C & T 43(262) Pg. 1-3 March 2010.
  15. Eureka Moments in Dentistry. A Seavers, C & T 5448 March 2015.
  16. Suspected Cases of Acute Renal Failure with glucosuria- Fanconi like Syndrome in dogs fed chicken treats imported from China. A Seavers, C & T Sept 2008.
  17. Alphabet Foods. The Food Re-challenge we had to have thanks to quarantined foods. A Seavers, Control and Therapy December 2011.
  18. Fulminant ascites options; drugs, batteries and scalpels.A Seavers, C & T No. 5316- June 2013.
  19. Eye-watering tips for suturing techniques in Tom’s Paddock. A Seavers, C & T No. 5328, Sept 2013.
  20. Economic validation for stocking uncommonly used antidotes and antiemetics on the drug shelf. A Seavers, C & T 5329, Sept 2013. Addendum C & T 5329 Sept 2018.
  21. Tips to use Acetylcysteine vials so that the drug does not expire on the shelf awaiting a Paracetamol Poisoning presentation. A Seavers, C & T 45(270) Pg. 32 March 2013.  Addendum C & T 5706 Sept 2018.
  22. Use of Acetylcysteine in Canine Otitis C & T. Reply to C & T March 2013.
  23. Toward a less stressful pet Euthanasia; A Seavers C & T March 2017, Issue 285, 5603.
  24. Behind the locked front door; the crisis confronting our Paramedics, an ill owner and the household’s pets. Available in Dr Áine’s Blog.
  25. Second case of Nasal Myiasis in an urban cat/Feline Hyperaesthesia Syndrome? C & T Dec 2018, no 5718.
  26. Alleviation of Thermal Strain 5720: Reply to. A Seavers pq 28, C & T March 2019.
  27. Yunnan Baiyao.  A. Seavers C&T 5752. June 2019.
  28. Covid’s Hidden Gifts for Pets at Vets: C&T 5831, June 2020.
  29. Blocked Bladder Pets; Plan B. C&T 5832, June 2020.
  30. Return of a 2nd old Feline Foe: Cat Flu. A. Seavers C&T 5850 Sept 2020.
  31. Comment:Pattern Recognition. A. Seavers C/T Sept 2020.
  32. 5th Commandment of Vet Med: Thou shalt not force an animal to fit a blood test result. A. Seavers C 7 T 5867 Dec  2020