Our Vets are highly experienced veterinary surgeons having practiced both in the UK and Australia for many years. Both vets live locally and are answerable only to you, our Clients, not to a Corporate company board.

  • Dr Mark Weingarth BVSc
  • Dr Aine Seavers MVB, MRCVS

Patient Welfare is at the heart of every consult. You can depend  on their advice for:

    • Dogs
    • Cats
    • Birds
    • Rabbits
    • Other small pets like Guinea Pigs and Mice

Dr Mark and Dr Aine are strong believers in continuous education and attend conferences and seminars on a regular basis.

Dr Aine is the one of the most peer- reviewed published general practitioners in Australia and has written and published several world first veterinary papers. Dr Aine has presented lectures to veterinary surgeons in Australia and has been invited to lecture overseas as well.

Dr Aine was awarded the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientist College Prize  2017 for her outstanding practical contribution to veterinary science and practice.