Dr Aine Seavers

      Dr Seavers main Veterinary interest is the investigation and treatment of all skin conditions. A detailed work up of skin conditions is provided at the clinic. Other interests include gastrointestinal disease, nutritional concepts including psycho-dietetics (the effects of individual foods on behaviour and seizure control) and Emergency Medicine.

      The German Shepherd is one of her favourite dog breeds (along with Dachshunds) having grown up with a grandfather who bred and trained award- winning German Shepherd Police Dogs in Ireland.

      Over the years Aine has had the privilege to also share her home with several bossy opinionated Siamese cats, some truly naughty Dachshunds, along with the most loyal of German shepherds.

      In 2016, Dr Seavers started a new blog to help educate pet owners on the best affordable ways they can keep their pets protected and healthy.(http://tinyurl.com/yd6vteb7).

      Dr Seavers has also designed novel or modified existing techniques and medications to treat skin, neurological or traumatic conditions  including: the use of the Omentum (“Seavers Sling”) to replace a destroyed abdominal wall, the use of anti-anxiety medication in canine cognitive disorder (“dementia” ) in dogs, the “Seavers Slide”  a modified version of dislocated hip reduction, the  modification of cat litter trays, designed disabled-owner- friendly pet bowl feeders and litter -tray scoopers, designed  double handle ergonomic wrapping of deceased pets, the “Stopica” coats for allergic skin disease and skin wounds, the design of tubular heat and tubular ice packs to treat hypo/hyperthermia cases, the use of disease-modifying diets in certain canine cancers, the use of topical rather than oral medications for  some skin immune conditions and the “Seavers Sleeve”, an atraumatic eye tissue forceps modification.

      As well as her contribution to the profession, Aine has won many grants for local schools, designed several local eco-projects focused on large scale rainwater storage farms to supply water to rural fire-brigades- even in drought conditions, turned rural schools into wild-life safe-havens in the event of catastrophic bush fire events by utilising these water farms and also designed low allergen gardens for schools and back yards to reduce the incidence of asthma in humans and airway and skin disease in pets.

      Dr Aine was awarded the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientist College Prize  2017 for her outstanding practical contribution to veterinary science and practice.

      Dr Seavers is the author of a significant number of peer-reviewed papers, making her one of the most published general practitioner vets in Australia. Dr Seavers also has published many general veterinary interest articles. For further information on Aine’s academic record see the both “The Aus and NZ Veterinary Scientists “College Prize Submission Testimonial” http://tinyurl.com/yartjhjm and also the  “Articles”  http://tinyurl.com/yd32ttgj  link for more details