Return of an old Foe-Feline Panleukopenia a.k.a. “Cat Distemper”

We are writing to alert all our clients on the re-emergence of a cat virus that has recently reappeared back in NSW for the first time in nearly 40 years.
As many of you are aware, Sydney University and several media outlets recently ran a short TV feature on the 50 cats they had diagnosed with Feline Panleukopenia (sometimes call “Cat Distemper” or “Cat Parvo”).
Several more cases have now been reported elsewhere in NSW.
This aggressive virus causes a very painful and often fatal disease in cats.
The good news is that there are very effective existing vaccines available against this virus.
If your cat has recently or regularly been vaccinated with either an F3,F4 or F5, your cat is safe.
The bad news is that since 2008, cat owners have been subjected to cat anti-vaccination scare campaigns.
As a result, the ‘herd immunity’ of the cat population has dropped.
This has allowed an aggressive virus to find vulnerable unprotected cats and cause disease and death.
If your cat has not been vaccinated for some time, we would advise updating their vaccinations.
The vets at Oak Flats have seen Feline Panleukopenia in cats when they worked in the UK,-the disease is painful and distressing to witness and treat and so soul destroying to know it all could have been totally prevented with proper vaccination.
The particular vaccine we use at Oak Flats Vet only needs one Adult booster injection (one visit) to provide protection to any adult cat out of date with its regular vaccines.
Kittens require a course of  injections.
For an appointment, you can either ring 0242565968 or use our on-line booking service at-/bookings/
If your cat has special needs re handling-We have carry cages we can loan out for the day.
For aggressive cats, we have a special cat control box we can lend to you to use to bring the cat to our clinic.
A refundable deposit is required for the hire of these cages.