Bush Fires & Pet Baths: Time to wash your outdoor pets.

When is a good time to bathe your outdoor pet?
Well, normally we tell owners to bath their normal pets when they need a bath. That need could be once a week, once a month or in some breeds, once a year.
However, the recent dust and ash storms have left not just our cars covered in grime and grit, but also our outdoor pets. We are seeing increased skin irritations because of this, so Now is a good time to do that overdue bath.

There are Dermcare products also for use on Cats, Horses & Guinea Pigs.

We recommend Dermcare products:not just because they are an Australian owned family business & global leader in veterinary shampoos with incredible veterinary specialist back-up: but mostly because their animal-specific ph -balanced shampoos have yet to cause an issue in the 30+ yrs. and 100s of 1000s of pets for whom we have advised this product.

If anyone intends washing their dog/cat/horse  in Dermcare shampoos asap and also loves to take photographs of their pets and loves entering competitions, you still have until Nov 30th midnight this Sat to send in a photo of you bathing your pet to Dermcare.
• Upload the photo to Instagram,
• Follow @dermcare_vet,
• Use #washwithdermcare,
• Tag @dermcare_vet
for competition entry to possibly winning A Year’s worth of Dermcare shampoo and conditioner ( $600max of product).

If you happen to win the prize and are either our client or live locally, let our clinic know and we can organize another special gift for your pet.

If you are not sure what products to use on your pet, have a discussion with your clinic’s nurses and vets, who know your pet and can customize its skin needs.