Ticks & Staycations

Ticks & Staycations.

The ticks will surge after these rains so make sure everyone ‘s tick control is up to date. Many clients of ours (and we suspect many other vet clinics) have expressed an interest in supporting Bush Fire afflicted tourist areas with small holidays breaks there.

If you don’t normally use tick prevention on your DOG, a way around keeping the cost down so you spend more in the firestorm area but keep you pet protected is to get one of our specially reduced Staycation $20 Seresto Dog Tick Collars.

We don’t recommend collars for constant use but in this case, where you just want a quick cheap way to get safe tick protection, these long-dated but heavily discounted collars could help owners out.

We have about 10 of each size Dog collar at $20. Like most tick products, they take 48hours to work so put on early. The dog can be washed and swim with the collar on but if doing so then probably only expect 3 not 4 months of tick control.

Always check your pet before putting any tick treatment on as most products will not stop ticks already on your pet and feeding.

Regardless of the product, still check your all your pet daily especially around the head, neck, lips and eyes.

Even if your pet doesn’t go to a tick area with you, you can bring the ticks back on camping gear and bedding etc so having the collar on before and after you come back is a help.

Also go through a car-wash on way home so the underside etc of your car/truck washed out of any ticks before you drive in home.

If you have a supervised cat who doesn’t roam but has a flea problem, we do have 2 plain Seresto Flea only collars for cats at $20. However ,something like Advocate for Cats would be better and safer for most cats.