Euthanasia: How will I know when it is time?


Clients the world over ask their Vet: “How will we know when it’s time to stop?”

Vets invariably & correctly reply; “You will know.”

However, until the owner actually gets to that point of knowing, there is an awful lot of worrying and concern until that that moment of clarity and knowing is reached.

At our clinic, we have a short Quality-of-Life Questionnaire that we share in-consult with clients, to help prepare the family.

Many fur-kid parents would like to have more advance warning of the sort of things they need to be alert to, when caring for a terminal or very elderly pet.

As such, the University of Ohio has a free chart listing the sort of questions and checklists owners can answer, so as to help know in more detail ‘when’ they might need to let their pet pass-on.

Death ends a Life, not a Love.

Euthanasia is the gift of a peaceful death, gifted by a loving owner to allow their pet to be finally free from physical or mental or emotional pain and suffering.…/HonoringtheBond/HowDoIKnowWhen.pdf