Click & Collect App Style

Click & Collect App style

As we slowly ease back on some of the restrictions at the clinic, we would like to still encourage clients where possible to pre-order using the App. This has been a wonderful way to keep organised and obey social distancing rules and keep the phone lines free. To encourage as many as would like (not in any way compulsory) to continue to order via our app’s contact or order forms: All orders from via our App will go in a draw to win a $100 voucher.

The $100 can for use against consults/examinations/vaccines/operations at the clinic.

If additionally, anyone pays over the phone when the nurse rings to let them know their order is ready; if their name is drawn, they will win an extra $50 to use on any procedure or food, wormer, flea product (not medication) of their choosing from the clinic.

You can install our app using the link of the main page of this website.