Alert: Bush Fire Winds and Eye conditions in Pets. 

We are starting to see cases of irritated and sore eyes in dogs, most likely caused by the ash content of the winds coming off the recent National Park Bush Fire.
We are asking All pet owners to check their pet’s eyes daily for the next 7 days and watch for signs of redness and irritation or any changes from the norm. All pets are at risk but especially the snub-nosed dog breeds and/or any pet with large prominent eyes. 
Unlike humans, a dog’s Cornea/glass of eye is very insensitive so they don’t feel the irritation to blink it off. As a result, the injury is not noticed until significant damage is done to the eye. The eye is very delicate and doesn’t heal fast or well so to preserve sight, owners have to be vigilant and take their pet to the vet promptly if there is ever any concern with an eye issue.