COVID Change of Service Conditions at OFVET Clinic.

Change of Service Conditions at OFVET Clinic.
Dear Clients.
Sadly, we now have to keep the front door of the clinic shut across, even when we are working in-sight, inside the building when you arrive.
We have now moved to do All communications by phone.
That applies to even picking up your pet’s medications.
This is being done because the extra-ordinary number of people who will not stand back from our front screen door without taking great offence that we are asking that of them and also that we are not letting them into the building. We just do not need that unnecessary negativity and stress at the moment.
Add to that the random walk-pasts who insist on coming up to the door to read the notice on the screen door, all whilst they continue to cough loudly and splutter in the screen door…
It is all just either the most extra-ordinary selfish or lazy behaviour, but it endangers our staff and all our families.
However, the final shattering straw was discovering that clients are actively hiding the truth about the real status of their pet’s house to have non-urgent issues seen. We stopped that visit in time, but it was by total fluke we found out before the event.


Your pet can be helped but not at the expense of people’s lives just because an owner is lazy with the truth. Vets and Staff are not disposable items to be used and discarded as if no of value, we are someone’s mother or sister or son or daughter or wife or father or friend.

How Dare Anyone think they can risk our lives or anyone else’s lives just because you ‘want’ something done!!!
Doing so has now penalized veterinary access in general for the majority of clients who have been amazing.

So, to keep everyone as safe as possible:

1) Refills/Food Collection.
Ring the clinic to order the item.
You can either pay then by cc over the phone or by bank transfer.
If you wish to pay cash, you will need to deposit it first at the Bendigo Bank into the clinic account there.
When you get the text back the item is ready, drive to clinic, wait in your car in the designated area for that day.
The staff will come out and place the item in your view.
Once they have re-entered the clinic, then exit your car and collect the item.

2)Unwell animals:
Please phone the clinic.
Do Not go to the clinic initially on the off-chance you can see the vet. Quite likely there may be no staff there at all, in the building at that time you drop past.
You must now Ring first.
You will be given an email to upload photos and videos. The vet will then call and discuss the case.
Once treatment has been organized you will be contacted to collect medications etc.
If your animal needs physical attendance, we will either see it at the clinic
or refer it to a clinic that still has PPE should the risk status require that.

Work with your Vet and great care can be maintained.

Work against Vets and you will shut most vet hospitals down.

In General: If you are aware of a Covid house in isolation or + and you see them taking the dog off in the car-please alert local vet clinics that they may be about to see a high-risk client.
Hopefully the vets already know, but given our trust has been shattered by someone who should have been a trusted client☹️, help keep all vet staff in your area, not just your own vet, safe.

Many thanks
OFVC Vets & Nurses.