DOG Health Alert & Query: February 2018

DOG Health Alert & Query: There have been a small number of cases in dogs in our area since December that have fallen ill showing signs of passing jet black stools/faeces and vomit with flecks of fresh blood.

A client has very kindly sent us some Spectacular Photos of the black stools; but as the subject matter is a bit full on to suddenly click on, the images can be viewed/ found in our App under Galleries-Medical Images- last 2 images.

3 Vet clinics in the area have had suspiciously similar cases which is what has made this flare up unusual. The clinical signs themselves not unusual, any dog can have an issue with an internal gastro-intestinal bleed; the odd thing is there seem to be a bunch of dogs all with these Illness signs pretty high up on the scale, yet the dogs themselves are not as collapsed as one would expect.
The dogs are not like the usual suspects for bloody gastro-intestinal signs like Parvo/Corona/HGE/Rat Bait/Snake Bite cases etc hence we are doing a quick survey to see if we can collect & collate more data on other cases to narrow down the trigger and alert all the other vet clinics to be aware of this issue.

Qwners/Cats have not contracted the symptoms/signs but good hygiene should still be observed around these ill dogs.

We have put up a questionnaire on our App under Contact Us button if you want to reply anonymously.

You can also send your information directly to the clinic via our email:
[email protected]
you can reply directly on Facebook.

Don’t stress if you can’t answer all the questions, just fill in what you do know.
The Questions are simply:

  1. Age.
  2. Breed.
  3. Postcode of where the ill dog lives.
  4. Date of onset.
  5. Time to recovery.
  6. Vet Clinic who treated the pet.
  7. Pet not treated.
  8. Food types Dog eats ie Dry/Raw/Treats/wildlife like lizards/Frogs etc.
  9. Year Vaccination last done.
  10. In contact pets.
  11. Time to Recover/My pet did not recover.
  12. My dog also suffers from-please list concurrent disease conditions or allergies etc.

Many thanks for using Social Media and Facebook to yet again help all your vets in the fight against pet diseases.