Job Vacancy: Casual Vet Nurse Role

We have had a surge of new clients, many travelling from quite a fair distance outside our normal area to join our clinic.

Our normal loyal clientele has also been getting back up to date with their vet needs, to the point that we now need to add TWO part-time casual new nursing roles to our team to help deal with the increased workload.

Applicants need to be a team player, have good calm communication skills and be confident with computers etc.

Applicants must have the ability to retain information and be able to work independently without constant supervision.

Good IT skills are a must. We are highly computerised, technology-rich practice.

The job is physically demanding, including being on your feet most of the day, lifting of patients and stock etc. Duties including general nursing, reception, inventory & stock control, cleaning and social media duties.

Award wages.
Experience required. Second year student nurses onwards.

Please email a short CV to [email protected]

Supply a copy of your nursing certificate and a photo id to confirm the certificate.

Include any additional area of interest you would like us to know about you.

Note the veterinary computer systems with which you have any experience.

Include 2 short written references from two members of either the veterinary profession or veterinary industry highlighting your strengths and talents. These 2 referees should also have agreed to conduct a telephone reference call with us.

You will receive an email notification with 48 hours that we have received your email.

Successful interview candidates only will then be contacted within 5 days of that notification.

We ask you Not to ring for more information as our phone lines are extremely busy at the moment.

No questions will be answered about the job vacancies either on Facebook or our website

Please do Not drop off any hardcopy CVs to clinic, we are using contactless communication only for this job position. All hard copies will be handed back and will not be included in the interview draw.

We are not currently accepting any CVs for work-experience.