Whilst I am on the topic of all things hot and useless for dogs, would anyone have a photo or image of synthetic grass or fake plastic grass they could allow me to share on this site.?
I have No idea where the idea that fake grass is a safe substitute surface for pups or pets to play on came from, but this mad idea needs to be squashed Fast!.
Maybe in colder climates, these substrates are ok for pets but here in hot Australia, these synthetic surfaces are downright dangerous for our pets. Stand barefoot on these surfaces on a hot day and appreciate how scalding hot these surfaces can become. Now image your pup or dog stuck outside on these surfaces with no respite, their super thin belly skin burning from contact (as we had in a case recently) or forced to stand for extended periods of time on such a hot surface.
One little toy breed dog we consulted on in took weeks to get the skin on her belly healed. A puppy and a smaller dog’s clearance off the plastic is minimal so they don’t have to even lay on the hot plastic to get their bellies affected. Plastic could abraid and microcut the pads of puppies running around madly on these surfaces.

Plastic is very hard to disinfect which why is vet clinics and hospitals avoid this material where possible.
I was shocked when we had someone suggest we put it in the runs or cages in our clinic. The last thing you want dogs in vet clinics to be on is a plastic grass surface, to me that is a recipe for disease transference as how on earth can you disinfect a cobbled surface like that…?

Owners have told me they were taken aback themselves when they have stood barefoot on the grass mats as they themselves had to then hot-foot off it. The product needs to be used sensibly so animals can either avoid it or get off it fast if out on it in the summer. For me, the only time you can validate plastic grass for pets is for a doggy litter -tray for apartment dwellers, where at least the plastic can be kept under shade and only used by a toileting pet, not for playing or sitting on