Useful Video Footage for Teleconsultations

Due to the extra-ordinary numbers, these past 10 days, of Illawarra clients suffering from Covid-ive Colds/Flu/Fever/Sore throats and given also a significant number of clients returning here from Hotspots, we and other vet clinics have had to move some of our vet visits back to a Teleconsult format.

We do so because, it doesn’t matter if the Cold or Flu, we catch from you is Covid -ive.  If the vet staff fall ill with any cold etc, then the clinic could close for up to 2 weeks.

If that happens, then no one’s animals will be able to see a vet.

One of the items Vets often need from an e-consultation  is a video of the pet walking in as straight as line as possible. This is so that the Vets can assess gait, head posture and a whole raft of other subtle signs.

However, so many clients struggle to get a useable video of their pet walking towards them. Today, one of our clients aced this request.

We are now sharing this simple short video with everyone to show exactly the type of footage needed to best help Vets help pets and owners.

Thank you to everyone for being so willing to help all Vets stay open and stay safe for the benefit of all the animals.