COVID-19- July 24th-August 30th. Mask Regulation


In line with July 24th Regulations that masks be worn in medical settings or where social distancing cannot be maintained; we require anyone attending an appointment with us to present wearing their own mask if they wish to be allowed inside with their pet. .

By the nature of the work Vet staff do handling pets etc, it is not possible to maintain social distancing. As veterinary premises are also medical workplaces, we work in very close proximity to owners etc.  No mask means only the pet will be taken inside the clinic.

We also ask appointments to ring once they have arrived but wait in the car until called in by the nurses. We need to clean between each client so  we can’t have clients waiting in the reception room for their turn to see the vet.

One Adult only per appointment allowed inside.

We have also gone back to transactions for sales etc being done outside again. Where possible, pre-orders using the App or else using the contact button on this website would be of great help. Failing that, phoning in your request rather than just dropping by the clinic will save everyone including clients a great deal of time and reduce any potential Covid exposure to others.

We will continue to do normal elective work like vaccines and operations for the moment as the frontline medics are not currently short of PPE gear etc.

We can run telemedicine consultations again especially for routine rechecks and refills etc.

Thank you for being so willingly to help us stay open and for everyone to stay safe