Health Alert: Pet Food recall.

Health Alert: Pet Food recall.

Australian Vets have been asked to be on the alert for cases of Megaoesphagus over concerns certain foods may be triggering this condition.

We don’t know too much at the moment other than one company: has launched a recall of some of their product.

We don’t sell Vegan food so we have no information on whether this company has had cases of concern.

We have not seen this condition thus far in any of our patients

Whilst I give kudos to the Vegan company for doing a recall early on the piece. I would disagree with their recall advice to throw the food away.

Certainly, stop feed the Vegan food immediately; but wrap it up airtight and put away from your pets.

That way if an issue occurred with your pet, the Australian Petfast investigators then have samples of your pet’s food to test.

If everyone throws the food in the bin, it could make it harder to identify the problem ingredient or contaminant.

Other than the alert from PetFAST about dogs suddenly starting to regurgitate their food, we know nothing else about this alert.  As more information comes to hand, we will update this page.