How to make sure Holidaying Pets get to do an E.T.

  • As Australians look to holiday more around Australia in coming months, chances are that means more pets will travel away on holiday with their owners.

To ensure any pet who escapes whilst away on holiday gets to be found soon and to go home: make sure your pet’s details are up-to- date, not just the on the NSW Government registry, but also consider a second level of security by adding your pet’s detail to an Australia wide registry.

Australia wide C.A.R has been around for many years and now for just $5, this Register gives that second level of protection to your pet.

  • At the opposite end of the Holiday trend or indeed for sole pet owners during COVID: make sure your pet-sitters have a HomealonePet card in their wallet, that can be used to contact you if the sitter falls ill.

We have an Alert Card for Pet-sitters & owners ( not using NSW Trustee services)  ( FREE to download and use.

We also have a free Poster to download and display in offices and notice boards.


For the full story behind our HomealonePet Crusade: /crisis-confronting-pets-owners-paramedics-000-call-outbut-companion-pet/